Testimonies from the IT Engineers

In the world of cybersecurity, there are many specialist roles for many varied tasks. Adversary Emulators who provide a “sparring partner” for untested systems and programs. Security Analysts who examine systems for security vulnerabilities and monitor them, and Security Engineers who provide them the tools and means to do so. Software Security Engineers who design and program firewalls and breach-detection systems.

But, like any combined effort, none of it is accomplished quickly, easily, nor at all, without logistics and support-staff. And that’s what IT Engineers provide: general-purpose aid with password-recovery, account-creation, and account-resets on private systems, as well as fixing computer-hardware problems. Sometimes, they even install firewalls and various security-systems. They are the custodians and groundskeepers of the cybersecurity world, hence their workplace being called the Network Operations Center (NOC). The IT Engineers of the Leahy Center answer client-requests, and internal roadblocks, for all of these issues, and more, daily. Let’s hear from one of them, now…



From Natalie Eckles, ’26 //Computer Networking & Cybersecurity:

Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a Student Intern and IT/NOC Engineer at the Leahy Center. My day-to-day tasks include answering phone calls and support desk tickets in order to rapidly solve any issues that may arise either within the Leahy Center, or for external clients. I chose NOC because it plays into some of the classes that I am currently taking in Champlain College. In particular, I’m taking SYS-255, System Administration and Network Services. Through working at the Leahy Center, I can see practical applications of the material that we are learning. Additionally, I can expand my understanding of the content by applying it in a variety of ways, and by seeing how different pieces work together and connect in a work environment.

From Eli, ’23 //Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

I started working here in the Spring of 2022. I saw an ad for the position, saw the job description, and figured I’d give it a go. I do not regret that decision, one bit, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my work.

I am an IT engineer for the NOC team, meaning that I do tech support and some system administration, both for the Leahy Center’s staff and interns, and for our third-party clients. I have learned to use technologies that I had not used before, like osTicket, an open-source customer service ticketing system. I also furthered my grasp of tools like PowerShell. I am very happy with my experience, so far, and I look forward to continuing my work at the Leahy Center for the foreseeable future.


In the world of cybersecurity, and the world we live in, at large: you never solve the big problems without first solving the small ones. At the end of the day, somebody has to build that bridge if you want to march your army over the river. Without your friendly neighborhood IT Engineers, very few problems in the world of industry would get solved in a timely fashion, and the jobs of other cybersecurity and digital forensics specialists would be made twice as difficult. The Leahy Center’s own IT Engineering team are always ready to lend a hand, within and without.

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Written by James Kallenbrum ‘23  // Professional Writing

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