Meet The Leahy Center Marketing Team!

If you look at any of the Leahy Center social pages, you’ll find that there are a ton of posts. There isn’t just Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics teams at the Leahy Center. There’s also the Marketing Team!

The Marketing Team for the 2024 Spring Semester is currently composed of three students: Cierra Rossi, Caio Batista, and Eric Murray. We work together in order to create merchandise, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

So let’s dive right in!

PROFILE: Cierra Rossi

Hi! My name is Cierra Rossi. I’m the Technical Writer on the Marketing Team for the 2024 Spring Semester and a first-year student at Champlain College!

This is my first time working at the Leahy Center. My first semester I got used to college life in general. I’m super excited to be able to start! While we’re just beginning, we already have a ton of plans for the entire semester.

As a Technical Writer, my job is to reach out to people within the Leahy Center and figure out what interesting events or projects are happening- and then throw that all into a comprehensive all-encompassing blog post to show even more people about it. As a Professional Writing Major, the position fits perfectly into my degree. It allows me to gain a ton of amazing insight about what exactly being a writer is about!

For some more personal things about me: I love crochet! (I’m always working on at least two projects.) I also have a cat named Sushi who I adore. I pursue a lot of creative writing (surprising, right?), and my favorite color is yellow.

PROFILE: Eric Murray

Eric Murray is a first-year student at Champlain and is currently Undeclared. However, he has been thinking about going into an Animation Major.

“My friend was originally applying here for an internship, and I was also interested because you get a ton of different work experience doing different things when you go for the internship here,” Eric told me.

Eric is currently a Marketing Assistant with the Leahy Center, and it’s a perfect role for getting to experience a ton of different fields. He mostly spends time working with the Leahy Center Social Medias (Such as X, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) working on upkeep of posts and connections. On the other hand, he also reaches out and helps out with different aspects of the marketing team, such as helping out with some graphic design and writing/

Outside of work, he has a huge passion for video games and gaming in general. He’s currently on the Champlain ESports Splatoon team (he plays Octobrush (in addition: me too!) and dualies, for any squids in the know).

PROFILE: Caio Batista

Caio Batista is also a first-year student at Champlain College and an animation major, he’s the Graphic Designer on the Marketing Team!

Currently, he’s been working on creating a “Challenge Coin” for the Leahy Center Investigators in the Digital Forensics department. Any investigator that has been working at the Leahy Center for two or more semesters will get one! He’s also been playing around with more merchandise ideas.

“I like working towards making practical and visually pleasing designs, especially the problem solving aspect of it.” Caio told me, “I have a bit of history in graphic design and I saw this would be a great opportunity to use and expand that skillset in a welcoming environment.”

Caio grew up in Mexico. His favorite color is “Seafoam Green”. Also- every day for about the last two years he’s worn one of the two beanies his sister crocheted for him!

PROFILE: Ryan Gillen

As the Manager of the Leahy Center, Ryan Gillen supervises our projects and helps us gain a sense of direction for our team, and approves any projects that we end up doing as well.  He works with a ton of teams, and he’s excited to see the talent working on the brand image, posts, and more.

When asked about what he’s most excited about for working on the team Ryan said: “Getting to see talented creatives working on our brand image, designs, blogs, tweets, etc. – it’s a palate cleansing breath of fresh air from all the [Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics] I’m usually sucked into.”

Some fun facts about Ryan include: He loves hiking deep in the mountains and snowboarding (no ski lifts required!). In middle school, he played in (an according to him: “really bad”) band called “National Pools & Spa’s. He also is super skilled at Super Smash Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube (2001). Plus- he can say the alphabet backwards super fast!

In Conclusion:

We’d also love to recognize Molly Bove, Operations Coordinator of the Leahy Center. She supervised the team previous semesters, and still this semester still pops in to help!

We have a lot of projects lined up. While the semester has just started, all three of us are super excited to dive in this Spring!

The Leahy Center Marketing Team for Spring 2024!

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Written By:
Cierra Rossi ’27, Professional Writing

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