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FTK Tool Evaluation Update

Introduction In our tool eval team, we are researching and evaluating AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit. This program advertises itself as an all encompassing tool for extracting, analyzing, and compiling digital evidence into a readable format that is acceptable for use in a court of law. Our primary goal as first year college intern students is get […]

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Experiences, Accomplishments, and Lessons Learned

Introduction When people join a new workforce, they often find themselves saying: “I am in way over my head.” I experienced that during my first week as an intern at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI). It was only my second week of my first year of college, and I couldn’t wait to get […]

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raspberry pi

“FOR-190: The LCDI Experience”

A key component of Champlain College’s outstanding academics is an insistence on a pragmatic attitude towards learning. As a matter of principle, Champlain College does its best to ensure that each student is actively engaged in an environment that will challenge them and augment their understanding in and out of the classroom. However, there are […]

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